New York Historical Society receipt of Jones Photograph.
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National Archives receipt of Jones photograph.
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An exclusive offering for the home decor or art holdings of the discerning collector ...

The Ella Floyd-Jones Carscallen Photo Print

Long lost to the public, this rare, striking historic 1919 image of socialite Ella Floyd-Jones Carscallen on her wedding day has now been restored, preserved, and made available in an exclusive printing designed for art collections and elegant home decor.

This sepia-tone matte-finish historic photo print shows Ella Floyd-Jones Carscallen, scion of the prominent Jones family of Long Island, New York, on her wedding day.

Described as the "quintessential bride," Ella Floyd-Jones Carscallen appears in this photo as she did at her wedding attended by the elite of New York society. Draped in a veil of old rose point lace held with orange blossoms, Ella stands with her white taffeta wedding frock swirling around her, a bouquet of white orchids and lilies of the valley cascading from her arms.

In this period collector's-edition historic photographic art photo print, Ella Floyd-Jones Carscallen stands as a rich symbol of all that is regal, the personification of the American Dream. Descended from a famous line of social elites, successful magnates and financiers, military commanders, naval officers, political leaders, lawmakers, and barristers, Ella Floyd-Jones Carscallen embodies a compelling connection to the American tradition of success and security.

Ella's image will lend an ambience of tradition and elegance to its owner's art collection, living room, dining room, or foyer.

The Ella Floyd-Jones Carscallen Photo Print resides in the permanent collections of the New York Historical Society and the National Archives of Ireland. It is available today to the discerning individual who wishes to have this rare image in their private collection or to present it to a loved one or colleague as a gift.

Price: $220.00

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